Japan tsunami

Prefab structure float | Pre-manufactured structures | Timber framed homes


moladi Tsunami resistant Construction Formwork system


Timber framed houses

Timber framed homes floating after the tsunami wave disintegrates homes houses and other buildings

moladi is not a prefab structure nor a pre-manufactured structure nor is it a plastic house

  • moladi offers technology stronger than prefab
  • Patented Building System designed in 1986
  • Trademark moladi


Uses of moladi Tsunami Resistant building system

Prefab structures float

Prefab structures float and the debris gives more devastation powers to the tsunami wave.  The reason for this is that timber framed, prefab or pre-manufactured homes are lightweight and cannot withstand the impact and force of the raging tsunami wave and water.  These structures disintegrate on impact


Timber frame homes alternative

moladi Tsunami proof Construction Formwork system


Prefab house

Prefab house destroyed

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prefab homesUpdated -23 September 2015